• SmartPlay MVP Starter Pack
  • SmartPlay MVP Starter Pack
  • SmartPlay MVP Starter Pack
  • SmartPlay MVP Starter Pack
  • SmartPlay MVP Starter Pack

Thank you so much

for purchasing one of our awesome SmartPlay mobile products!


SmartPlay – World Premiere of our Smartphone Gaming Controller

In the world of owning and rekking, an infinite struggle exists: When to call it a night. Ending the evening on a loss is not an option while breaking a hot win streak goes against all of your instincts.

When it comes down to it we know you prefer the latter – we are comitted to getting you there.

SmartPlay i Go’ Morgen Danmark – Mobil Gaming

Danish television covering the mobile gaming universe in Denmark and which games you can play solo and as a team.

Boost your mobile gaming experience with SmartPlay MVP controller and gather the best team for a Duo or Quad que.

SmartPlay – Odincon Aftermovie (ESL Pro League Odense 2019)

December 2019 SmartPlay participated in the ESL Pro League & Odincon where we had a big, nice stand. Our guests could try mobile gaming and our controller first hand. 

Thank you Odincon for giving us the opportunity to attend such an amazing event.

SmartPlay x CoolshopGGW 2020 (Aftermovie)

In January 2020 we participated in CoolshopGGW.

Our guests could try mobile gaming and our new SmartPlay MVP Edition smartphone controller.


Which smartphones are supported by the SmartPlay controller?

The SmartPlay controller supports both iPhone and Android devices.

Can the SmartPlay controller be connected wirelessly to a smartphone or PC?

Our products were designed for direct connection to smartphones via USB-C for Android devices or Lightning cable for iPhones.

Can you use the SmartPlay controller with every game?

In theory, yes.

Our controller makes your mobile gaming experience more fun and ergonomic. Button mapping and stick sensitivity adjustment may be available within the mobile game settings. 

It is important to remember our controllers are universal.

Do I need an app to use the SmartPlay controller?

No. You can connect the SmartPlay controller independently. Then you can use your controller with every mobile game.