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The ZEN PHASE 004 is created with all the functions your body requires for long seating sessions in front of your PC. With Dynamic lumbar support, seat depth adjustment, detachable headrest, maximized backrest breathability in the mesh.   Dynamic Lumbar Support The dynamic lumbar support system inside the ZEN PHASE 004 adapts to your seating position and body movement, the adjustable lumbar system adjusts to the tension placed on the plates and adapts, the lumbar system can also be height adjusted for several users, or seating positions. Seat depth adjustments The seat depth adjustment is a great tool to allow more users to sit comfortably in the ZEN PHASE 004 – If you are keeping the chair all for yourself, the depth adjustment can be used to fine-tune the length of your legbone and size. Ensuring that pressure is relieved from your legs, the “Waterfall” design of the front of the seat ensures optimal blood flow when seated. Remember to stand up once in a while. Backrest tension recline adjustment With ease you can reach and adjust, the tension of backrest recline function can be tuned to your likening and easily changed. Regular tension adjustments are located below the seat, but on the ZEN PHASE 004, we have conveniently added the controls to the side of the seat. Right next to the backrest locking feature. Adjustable headrest height and position Opting for a highly adjustable and universal design instead of a static headrest design, we chose to give full freedom of choice when it came to ergonomics. The headrest can be adjusted both in height and at the resting angle. The headrest is also detachable. Backrest Y-inner frame The intelligently designed nylon inner frame is suspended in a “Y”-Shaped design, allowing the entire backrest system to twist and turn with the body – allowing for small movements throughout the day, with free-flowing viewing angles optimal for multi-monitor viewing or even office environments.  Combination of softness and breathability The ZEN PHASE 004, was created in duality with mesh and fabric. The backrest is fully covered in firm mesh providing ultimate breathability and disposal of body heat – especially fantastic in hot environments. While the soft durable fabric is placed on a firm foam filling seat.   Functions your body will thank you for! - Dynamic Lumbar support (Depth) - Height adjustable lumbar support - Seat depth adjustment - Backrest recline locking function - Backrest recline tension adjustment - Height adjustable headrest, with rotation - Soft-coated 3D adjustable armrest Noise-reducing caps inside wheels